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‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) 50 BMG Boxer Primers

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


FSAAP 50BMG Boxer Primers

‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) Brand mil-spec 50BMG Boxer Primers, which are non-corrosive and made to standard CIP, SAAMI, & DoD mil-spec quality specifications as written by our government customers. These primers are all brand new made in 2018 & 2019 for use by the nation’s largest ammunition manufacturers.

The ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) brand is the ISO 9001 certified, military grade division that produces for both the US and foreign governments, and is typically never sold to US consumers.


  • Made in our ISO 9001 state of the art factory, with 100% optical and computer inspection for priming.
  • Clean burning, reliable ignition
  • 100% Non-Corrosive priming compound
  • All primers come face up in the trays for easy loading
  • Independent lab tested for 100% reliability and proper sensitivity

All FSAAP branded primers have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. FedArm holds its brand highly and will ensure you are a satisfied customer.

Primers are available in:

  • 1,250 primers: packed as 25ct. sleeves, in a 500 piece carton, in a 1250 round brick.
  • Wholesale quantities available for discount, at 100k, 500k, and 1 Million+ volume discounts. Email us to inquire.