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7.62X51 (.308 Win) 147 Grain FMJ Tracer / Ball Range Grade Ammunition


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.308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm FMJ Tracer / Ball Ammunition

This ammunition is manufactured in the USA by FedArm using Lake City manufactured .308 diameter (308 or 30-06) 147 grain pull down military tracer projectiles with bright new orange tips.

Only once-fired military brass is used in loading. This brass is acid washed, processed and trimmed to SAAMI specifications, and electromagnetically inspected for thin walls and defects to ensure safe internal tolerances.

In the loading process, FedArm uses only the top quality NEW 2016 US made SMP 735 powder and CCI primers. Powder is dropped to +/- 0.1 grain tolerance to ensure the highest accuracy.

Note: This ammunition is labeled as Tracer/Ball due to it being loaded with mil-spec SMP 735 powder made to light the tracer in a long machine gun barrel, and not light in shorter rifle/carbine barrels. This is what our military customer wanted and now the over-run is offered to our US customers. You should buy this ammo assuming the tracers may or may not light in your specific gun, but nonetheless will shoot great/accurately.

Velocity/ Pressure: 2750 FPS (SAAMI and Mil-Spec pressure)

What is “Range Grade Ammo”? This ammunition is visually inspected in bulk and packaged by weight. It differs from “FedArm” brand ammo in that it is not case gauged nor individually inspected by piece. A very small count of these rounds may deviate slightly from typical mil-spec specifications and may (or may not) contain slightly off-seated projectile or similar minor functional defects, all easily caught when loading your magazine. The inspection labor savings on these rounds is passed onto you! You will receive more rounds than ordered (as per the below) for the chance you find an unsatisfactory round.

Note: Range grade ammunition does not fall under the FedArm satisfaction guarantee & return policy. If you want piece counted mil-spec ammo, please buy the standard “FedArm” branded ammo instead.

This ammunition is available in:

  • 500 rounds within a heavy duty shipper box. Weight count over-packing will put approximate received quantity of (503 to 509 rounds total).

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.308 Win