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50 BMG (12.7×99) 636 Grain FMJ Ball-X Match Grade Ammunition


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50 BMG (12.7×99) FMJ Ball-X Match Grade Ammunition

This ammunition is manufactured in the USA by FedArm. The projectiles are high quality hand pulled 636 grain FMJ Ball-X projectiles (made from pull-down repurposed M17 jackets) which have been cleaned, resized, and inspected before loading.

The brass casings are hand inspected and sized/turned/loaded to match grade specifications for the highest accuracy. Most of our inventory is Lake City headstamp casings, but a few of our older lots have WCC or SBS headstamps. If you require one of these in particular, please specify as such with or before your order, otherwise your order will be pulled from our entire inventory at random. Due to current massive demand, there is no return guarantee if you don’t get the headstamp you seek, but once again most inventory is L/C headstamp.

Cartridges are loaded with brand new mil-spec CCI #35 boxer primers and US Made SMP military powders. Powder is dropped to +/- 0.2 grain tolerance to ensure the highest accuracy and performance.

Cartridges are loaded to SAAMI specifications for length/dimensions and pressures to properly function in any 50 BMG rifle or machine gun.

Velocity / Pressure: 2,880 FPS (SAAMI pressure)

All FedArm branded ammunition has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. FedArm holds its brand highly and will ensure you are a satisfied customer.

This ammunition is available in:

  • 100 rounds packaged in 10-round retail boxes – great for dealers to stock shelves – in a heavy duty shipping box
  • 100 loose rounds in a USGI 50 caliber ammo can in a cardboard shipping box
  • 100 linked rounds in a USGI 50 caliber ammo can in a cardboard shipping box
  • 100 rounds within a heavy duty shipping box

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