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5.56×45 SS109/M855 62 Grain Long Penetrator


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This ammunition is manufactured in the USA by the largest OEM/white-label cartridge manufacturer in  using .224 diameter Lake City Surplus SS109/M855 Penetrator projectiles from a special batch with a long straight walled jacket. These projectiles typically require a slower twist rate to stabilize.

Depending on lot number your ammo may or may not have the green painted tip, but it is the same ammo.

The manufacturer only uses once-fired military and police brass, which is acid washed and processed to SAAMI specifications and electromagnetically inspected to ensure safe internal tolerances. All processing and conversion is done on high end arsenal grade processors and trimmers.

In our loading process we only use the top quality military powders and primers. Powder is dropped to +/- 0.1 grain accuracy to ensure the highest performance.

Cartridges are loaded with WC 844 mil-spec powder (or the similar OEM variant) to create a product that performs just as the military version.

Each cartridge is the individually visually inspected by the packers to pick out any bad rounds.

Velocity/Pressure: 3,050 FPS in 20 inch barrel (SAAMI spec pressures)

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.223 Remington, 5.56x45mm NATO