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5.56×45 Lake City / WCC Processed Brass


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.223 / 556 guaranteed once fired brass straight from Military Bases.

99% Lake City/WCC Brass

Available in 500 / 1,000/ or 5,000 counts

  • This thicker Lake City and WCC Military grade 5.56 brass arrives in bulk at our factory and each round undergoes a hand inspection before going to a strong acid and detergent wash with stainless steel media.
  • After washing the brass is hand inspected again to insure all tarnish, dirt, grim and carbon has been removed from the casing then goes through:

Lubing, Decapping, Primer Pocket Swaging, and Full Length Sizing to exact specifications

  • Then all casings are then trimmed to exact 1.750 (+/- .002) inches in length to create match grade casings. Batch casings are checked in a L.E. Wilson case gauge to ensure perfect processing.
  • After trimming the brass goes back through the stainless steel media washing process to remove all burs and brass dust from the trimming process.
  • After all processes leaves the brass in perfect form for reloading leaving the primer pocket, inside and exterior of the brass free of all debris and in a perfect polished golden brass color.
  • The brass is then hand inspected for any pieces that do not meet top standards, and is individually packed for resale.


If you are not pleased with your purchase we offer a 100% money back guarantee, just pay to ship the brass back to us and we will replace/refund it for you


This 556 once fired fully processed brass is Military Lake City the casings are thicker than your standard commercial grade brass .223. We buy this brass straight form the military or have it delivered straight from the base, so we can guarantee that is 100% once fired and not dangerous range brass.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in