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.22LR Shell Holder & Die Reloading Kit


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.22LR Reloading Kit: Shell holder and Die Set for 18 gr CB Bullet

Use this die and shell holder in any standard reloading press to assemble our .22LR CB CAP ammunition from our .22LR ammunition kits.

You can see our reloading kit for 18 GR powder-less CB Cap loads below with a video:

Or you can use these new casings or projectiles with other casting and reloading/crimp kits sold on the market, such as the 22RELOADER kit.

For tight or long barrels 1.0 grains of pistol powder.

*There are no returns on 22LR reloading dies or shell holders



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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 14 × .25 in