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FedArm Equipment and Machinery

  • Vibratory bowl tumblers for polish/dry/deburr
  • Rotary wet washers
  • Vibratory bowl heated cob part dryers
  • Head turn/Trim machines
  • Equipment to melt scrap brass and produce hot rolled brass strip
  • Cupping presses of up to 5’out tooling for cups for brass/steel/copper for casings and bullets
  • Full lines to produce new cartridge casings (along with aluminum and steel)
  • Part feeders and part flippers for bullets, brass, cores, etc.
  • Casing processing machines for fired brass
  • Casing sorting machines for mixed fired brass
  • Automated inspection machines for casings and finished ammo
  • Automated Tapping/drilling machines for hollow point and tracer conversion
  • Machines to convert berdan brass to boxer brass
  • Ammo loading machines, both low cost and high speed
  • Fully automated PLC controlled loading machines
  • Ammo priming machines of any size
  • Rimfire production lines for both casings, primed casings, and loading.
  • Bullet casting and die casting machines
  • Machines to produce solid copper/steel/alloy/lead monolithic bullets
  • Powder core and MIM + sintered powder metal bullet manufacturing lines
  • Transfer presses and transfer press tooling to produce jacketed bullets
  • Machinery to produce explosive/tracer/incendiary/spotter bullets of any caliber
  • Cold headers and tooling for projectiles, cores, and AP cores


For Equipment/Export/OEM Orders, email: sales(at)